Introduction. How Surface Noise came to fruition, the DIY community and ethics and challenges facing the scene in city state Singapore etc... and of course a playlist of selected tunes available at the store.

Courtesy of Singapore Community Radio


Features a fantastic range of punk, garage rock, emo, coldwave and power pop acts on the newest episode of Scratch the Surface.⁠ All songs and albums played are available at the store. The Marked Men – ‘Fix My Brain’ Haram – ‘Who Am I, Who Are You?’ Haram – ‘The Prophet’ Mineral – ‘Palisade’ Ubik – ‘John Wayne (Is a Cowboy (And Is On Twitter)) ’Heaven In Her Arms – ‘赤い夢’ Fatamorgana -’10 Minutos de la Tierra’ Alvvays – ‘Dreams Tonite' The Shivvers – ‘Teenline’ Drei Affen – ‘El Sonido de Tu Llanto' Yanti Bersaudara – ‘Badminton’

Courtesy of Singapore Community Radio


The Surface Noise folks hang out with Paulo from Dangerous Goods, who shares his recent faves from Singaporean hardcore. Zafran also talks about the Laura Marling track that made him cry, along with the 80s synth-pop throwback of Riki.⁠ Bind – ‘Memories’ Fuse – ‘Deadlock’ Destiny – ‘Affliction’ Overthrown – ‘Set it Straight’ Envy – ‘Fingerprint mark’ Touche Amore – ‘Limelight (feat. Manchester Orchestra)’ Frank Turner – ‘Falling in Love’ .gif – ‘MY DARLING’ Riki – ‘Napoleon’ Laura Marling – ‘Blow by Blow’