AGAINST ME - Total Clarity 2xLP

AGAINST ME! - Total Clarity 2xLP

SGD 46.00

Label: Fat Wreck The thing about moving forward is that you can never really go back. For Against Me!, they’ve permanently crossed the threshold to a larger, more mature sound with more recent releases. But thanks to the magic of archives, we can get a snapshot of a band in transition with the demos collection entitled, Total Clarity. Taking songs from the sessions for 2005’s Searching for a Former Clarity, the effort is a moment in time, a period where the young men were still punks and yet had their eye on the development to follow in New Wave and White Crosses. With that said, Total Clarity has done an amazing job at identifying what is truly great about the band (the attitude and worldview delivered with such raw power and intellect) and what may not work (a distinct lack of variety that pops up from time to time.) It’s also illustrated their ability at subtlety; even in differing versions of the same songs, they excel at slight changes and shifts that can truly make a song feel new and fresh again. In the end, though, the LP is simply a nice keepsake of what was and a reminder of what these Floridians still have to offer.

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