ANXIOUS - New Shapes 7
ANXIOUS - New Shapes 7

ANXIOUS - New Shapes 7"

SGD 18.00

Label: Triple B Hailing from Connecticut, Triple B Records’ Anxious could be classified as melodic punk, post-hardcore, emo, or even just for fans of early Title Fight; regardless of what genre they fit into, there’s something about their sound that can appeal to just about everyone. Their fierce 2019 EP “Never Better” stole the hearts of many, and after playing countless shows, most notably the northeast run of Knuckle Puck’s winter tour with Heart Attack Man in February and March of 2020, they had cemented themselves as one of the bands to watch within the alternative genre right now. Although it’s a far cry from the loud, sometimes confrontational Anxious sound we’ve grown used to from “Never Better”, “New Shapes” is a solid release, putting the band’s versatility on full display. We can’t wait to hear their debut full-length and are hoping it’s a perfect blend of all of these varying elements of their sound.

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