BILLIE EILISH - Dont Smile At Me LP Colour Vinyl
BILLIE EILISH - Dont Smile At Me LP Colour Vinyl

BILLIE EILISH - Don't Smile At Me LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

Compared to When We All Fall Asleep, Dont Smile At Me is a more melodic, but conventional, alt-pop fare, with an overall sulkiness that captures the EP’s misanthropic title. With additional writing and production work from her brother Finneas O’Connell, the EP utilizes wider vocal range and less of the whispered, The xx-styled singing that permeates her full-length debut album. Dont Smile At Me mostly showcases an artist who’s able to capture the vulnerability and beauty missing from a lot of mainstream alternative music and present in those indie acts (and Lorde and Lana Del Rey), the type of earnestness that gets you notice and respect from “real” publications (though starring in tear-jerking viral videos, mastering social media and being allowed to act like a typical teenage edgelord certainly helps a lot). As “Copycat” put it, all those other acts are italic while Eilish is bold. Dont Smile At Me, is alternative music that dazzles and comforts, a release that deserves all the fans and stans it brought in. It signals a girl ready to kick through that wall, leap into glory and mesmerize the planet.

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