BIRDS IN ROW - Personal War LP Transparent Orange Vinyl
BIRDS IN ROW - Personal War LP Transparent Orange Vinyl

BIRDS IN ROW - Personal War LP (Transparent Orange Vinyl)

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If there is one specific moment I can point to on Personal War to be an audible example of Birds In Row, it would be the 1:37 mark of second track “Torches.” That section features syncopated drums marching with excruciating vocals cutting through bold, melodic guitars. The distortion is not overbearing, actually pretty mild to be honest. This allows the melodies to have more weight instead of being sucked into to fuzzy progressions. The entire track is a barrage of distraught emotion. From then on Birds In Row never let up. Groovy rhythm sections, tight bass/guitar work and visceral vocals all swirl together to showcase a band doing all in their might to be heard. The lyrics are as emotionally gut wrenching as the delivery, coming through on “Weary” with “Rewriting the definitions of what went wrong and what should have been. Countless, useless, miserable and scared, and a pair of bottles in our hands to dig our own graves.” It’s biting imagery being spilt over utter chaos. Discordant guitar licks meet twisting drum patterns for an entire two minute slaughter of the ear drums. The transition from that song into the next, “Worry” is effortless and memorable by the bellowing bass that dominates the first part of the song. Halfway through the song the band comes to a halt, finally easing up on the listener with a rather ominous closing section before bursting through the gates with “Snakes.” Closing off the album is “Marathon,” a song that weaves through blasting drums and has the band working together to create a build that detonates at the end before succumbing to tortured vocals and loud feedback.

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