BLACK FLAG - Whos Got The 10  LP
BLACK FLAG - Whos Got The 10  LP

BLACK FLAG - Who's Got The 10 ½? LP

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Named after some bizarre stage banter that may have been commentary of the “macho” punk scene, Who’s Got the 10 ½? captured Black Flag in their second to last incarnation. Of course, long running members Greg Ginn and Henry Rollins were the focal points of the band, but bassist Kira Roessler was still adding her unique popping bass. Unfortunately, drummer Bill Stevenson had been removed from the group with the mostly unknown Anthony Martinez stepping in. But, while the seams were splitting during the 10 ½ era, the band was still a nasty and somewhat loose, unit. Ginn merging punk and metal into undulating menacing riffs while Rollins was in pure mania-mode, his voice already shredded before taking the mic. 10 ½ served as an important document as Black Flag at its most removed from its origins. The later-day Black Flag songs not only had potential, but when utilized, there were depths to the band that had previously only existed in slight glimmers. It was a shame then, that the band would collapse so soon after wards, and that there were no live documents of the band during its classic era(s).

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