BOY PABLO - Soy Pablo 12EP Light Blue Vinyl

BOY PABLO - Soy Pablo 12"EP (Light Blue Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: U Ok? With the debut of “Flowers” in 2016, Nicolás Pablo Rivera Muñoz began his entrance into the Indie Rock scene. The ethnically Chilean, Norway-based artist performs under the name Boy Pablo. His music is an Indie sound with new wave, surf rock, and jangle pop influences, leading to a new, but familiar style. On his second EP release, Soy Pablo, he works on crafting his aesthetic. Solidifying the identity Boy Pablo established with his debut EP, Roy Pablo back in 2017. With Soy Pablo, Boy Pablo makes a statement and defines who he is an artist, and where his style is going. Just by looks of the album cover, Boy Pablo is all about A E S T H E T I C. His music is the pale-wave version of music. It’s a really refreshing take on indie rock, mixing surf rock and dream pop influences to create something new. The EP has a distinct sound, but within each track, Pablo is able to tweak the sound to fit the correct mood. Soy Pablo is short and sweet. It never tries to take itself too seriously, and always keeping an enchanting mood. Overall it’s fun, dreamy, and romantic; it’s just some good music to have a good time with.

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