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Label: Run For Cover Before they came to be known as Camera Shy, Nick Bassett and Alexandra Morte had been working on crafting warm weather indie pop indebted with influence to the Smiths, the Sundays and Sarah Records catalogs while the pair made loud, shoegazing punk together in BassettÍs band, Whirr. While the Bay Area act has moved onto a darker terrain since MorteÍs departure, she and Bassett have remained a creative unit that serves as a brighter outlet to contrast the caustic dreariness Whirr indulges. Camera ShyÍs first exhale of melancholy bedroom pop arrived properly on last yearÍs Jack-O-Lantern EP, and now, Bassett and Morte refine their soft start with their eponymous debut full-length for Run For Cover Records. For this effort, the pair reunited in BassettÍs adopted hometown of Philadelphia alongside producer Arthur Rizk where they glossed over stripped, jangled guitars, high-hats and brass with rich, shimmering results. On ñColors Radiateî and ñNew Something,î MorteÍs vocals swirl clandestinely in the sun around BassettÍs clean-cut strumming with upbeat romantic optimism. ñGlowingî and ñSeemingly Illî alternatively tug slowly at dreams of longing into a starlit sky. The duality of Camera Shy ultimately rests its lens between slumbering look-backs and forward momentum. Balancing todayÍs white noise with something less complex can render equally stunning results, and for Bassett and Morte, Camera Shy is that desire. Track Listing: 01. Remember 02. Your Only One 03. Colors Radiate 04. Glowing 05. New Something 06. Underwater Days 07. Take Your Time 08. Seemingly Ill

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