CANDRA DARUSMAN -  Detik Waktu Artistic Journey Of Candra Darusman LP

CANDRA DARUSMAN - Detik Waktu: Artistic Journey Of Candra Darusman LP

SGD 42.00

Label: Hitam Manis Detik Waktu: Perjalanan Karya Cipta Candra Darusman is a compilation album by Candra Darusman . The album was released on March 2, 2018 through Demajors and Signature Music Indonesia. This album was awarded as the Best-Best Album at the 2018 Indonesian Music Award. Lust for nostalgia often brings contemporary musicians and their audience in the same room for a refreshing changing of the guard. To pay an ode is a mark of respect, and this is certainly true for younger musicians involved in the reimagining of euphoric songs from the past. Candra Darusman, the singer-songwriter behind bands such as Chaseiro and Karimata, in addition to his solo works, is an artist whose music has been reinterpreted in this way. Detik Waktu (Time’s Seconds), is a selection of 14 of Candra’s songs from throughout his 40-year career. The tribute album features singers and arrangers, such as Marcell Siahaan, Glenn Fredly, Afgan, Danilla, Tophati, Sheila Majid, Addie MS, Fariz RM, Adikara Fardy and Candra himself.

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