CHINESE FOOTBALL - Here Comes A New Challenger 12EP

CHINESE FOOTBALL - Here Comes A New Challenger!!! 12"EP

SGD 35.00

Label: Dog Knights Productions The newest EP from Wuhan emo rockers Chinese Football has highs and lows, but shows a maturity in their sound that suggests promising things for the band's future. "Here we come, with a new female drummer, some guest musicians, brand new songs but same old stories about youth and frustration. You didn't realize it's a multiplayer game until "Here comes a new challenger" appeared on the screen in front of you. Life is a game, your challenger is not only your enemy but also your partner. You don't have to beat him. You Tried, You Lost, You Had Fun." TRACKLISTING 电动少女 清醒白日梦 晴天霹雳 盒子

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