CHON - Self-Titled LP Cloudy Clear Vinyl
CHON - Self-Titled LP Cloudy Clear Vinyl

CHON - Self-Titled LP (Cloudy Clear Vinyl)

SGD 43.00

Given the state of contemporary math rock, and in particular that of an instrumental nature, it is ever more difficult to stand out from a crowd. Californian quartet CHON have overcome this speed bump courtesy of two striking albums, and having now earned their seat at the table alongside some of the most enigmatic names the scene has to offer, they return with full length number three, a self-titled addition that will surely add spice to their discography. If previous records were their cocoon, here they have emerged matured and ever more beautiful, glowing with the fever of confidence and musical aptitude. By nature, math rock is never an easy listen, but it very easy for any meaning to be lost in chaos. CHON are clearly masters of their own craft, ensuring that every note carries purpose. The omission of vocals will of course always discourage a certain fan-base, but for those of us willing to think deeper and unlock the puzzle, this album feels truly rewarding. CHON are a runaway train, and with the breeze in their hair this new album will gather interest at an equally exponential pace. They have added a fourth dimension to their sound, and the result is a breath of fresh air.

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