CHURCH OF MISERY - Houses of the Unholy 2xLP (Gold Vinyl)

SGD 45.00SGD 50.00

Label: Rise Above At last! Japan's own serial killer obsessed Murder Doom Metal merchants are back! Rise Above Records is delighted to announce the signing of Tokyo Sicko's Church Of Misery for their third full-length monsterpiece ‘Houses Of The Unholy’. After two widely praised full-length albums and a slew of enigmatic split EP’s with various underground legends and labels alike, COM finally get a proper European release. Overflowing with all the creaking vintage heaviness, violent noise, and classic riffs that Church Of Misery lovers have come to expect, ‘Houses Of The Unholy’ continues to take the listener into the broken minds of the world's most deranged mass murderers, while at the same time forcing them to rock whether they like it or not

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