CITIZEN - Everybody Is Going To Heaven LP

CITIZEN - Everybody Is Going To Heaven LP (Tri-Color Vinyl)

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Label: Run For Cover Almost two years to the date of the release of their breakthrough album, Citizen return with their highly anticipated follow-up full-length, Everybody is Going to Heaven. Haunting these ten songs is a foreboding, dark atmosphere masterfully crafted by producer Will Yip, and an immediate, intense energy is palpable from even the first grimy seconds of the opener, "Cement." As with every one of CitizenÍs releases, Mat KerekesÍ signature vocal delivery here is a trademark feature, demonstrating the emotional tension that boils over on this release. As cathartic as ever, he duels between a soft croon and a haunting scream, confronting his demons on tracks like "My Favorite Color" echoing the tormented refrain, "my heart still beats for nothing." And while most of the record is an intense and noisy onslaught, songs like "Heaviside" and "Yellow Love" act as armistices, each aching in reverb-drenched consonance. Everybody is Going to Heaven is a turning point for Citizen: once regarded as newcomers with undeniable potential, the band shows here that they have matured both abruptly and uniquely, with no end to their upward trajectory in sight. Tri-coloured vinyl version. Track Listing: 01. Cement 02. Dive Into My Sun 03. Numb Yourself 04. Heaviside 05. My Favorite Color 06. Weave Me (Into Yr Sin) 07. Stain 08. Ten 09. Yellow Love 10. Ring of Chain