CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12EP

CITY OF CATERPILLAR - Driving Spain Up A Wall 12"EP

SGD 34.00

Label: Repeater Records Richmond, Virginia's City of Caterpillar has become synonymous with the terms “skramz” and “old-school emo”. Their titan of a self-titled record is considered a masterpiece, blending together elements of emo and post-rock to create a sound that is both unhinged and chaotic, yet perfectly structured and cathartic. After dropping such a monolithic record and staying silent for 15 long years, the band has finally broke the silence. Driving Spain Up A Wall is a much calmer affair than what CoC is noted for. The throat-shredding wails have become fiery modern-punk inspired shouts, and the mathcore like guitar leads have become much slower and more focused. Cavernous drums then kick in, building ever more until the music can build no more, and the impending chaos gives way to a thick, muddy bass, releasing a wave of catharsis. That is what the band has proven they can do even after an immense 15 year gap-create a piece of art that is simultaneously slower and more toned down yet equally cathartic. They have proven that they are one of the great emo titans for a reason, and that time cannot make them crumble.

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