SGD 30.00

Label: Cintas Pepe Desgrasia Jubenil from south México City have been crafting amazing songs in a dirty room since 2014 instead of going to parties and hanging out with pretty punks. If you are not from around, they are pretty much DF's best kept secret. Locally they have been developing a cult following because they are one of the finest bands in the city and they really don't give a fuck about being liked or not.Musically it's hard to describe them, sometimes they sound like spanish TNT or that they have been listening to the Punk Que? Punk comp all their life but you can also listen to the mexican punk influence. They have an unique sound and even if the music is simple and catchy you immediately realize that they take care of each song. Lyrics are about the terrible circumstances of violence in the country but treated some times with a healthy dose of irony and humor other bands haven't been smart enough to use. After all these years they have finally completed their first LP on Cintas Pepe. Desgrasia Jubenil are not in a hurry of getting noticed, they rather drink a caguama, smoke a joint and enjoy a nice afternoon. As expected with Cintas Pepe releases these are silkscreened in really thin card stock and look beautiful.

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