DISCHARGE - Early Demos March - June 1977 LP Red Vinyl

DISCHARGE - Early Demos March - June 1977 LP (Red Vinyl)

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Label: Radiation Records LIMITED REISSUE FOR AN ORIGINAL RSD 2018 RADIATION RELEASE, NOW ON RED VINYL This is not the same Discharge that we all know and love. Technically it's the same band, but it sounds completely different. As the title states, this LP is their early demo recordings from March - June, 1977. If you've never heard this, and someone played it at a party, you would never guess who it is. No, this is not the raging D-beat hardcore that we're all accustomed to. The punk on this record is so '77 that it's almost ridiculous, very much a product of its time. The music is extremely basic, very simple, very primitive, and completely callow. It doesn't have the political, anti-war out rage either, instead we have songs with titles like; I Don't Care, Acne, I love Dead Babies, and Sweet Suburban Dreams. And if the lyrical content wasn't enough to convince you that this is actually a lost Sex Pistols demo, then the vocal style, which sounds strikingly similar to Johnny Rotten, will. There is no list of members who played on these demos, so I have no idea how many of the members went on to be in the later incarnations of Discharge. The whole record screams of the early days of young, snotty, pissed off punks filled with teen angst. I guess if you're a huge Discharge completist, you should pick this up, or if your really into the raw, primal '77 punk sound.

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