DISCHARGE - Live at City Garden New Jersey LP Clear vinyl

DISCHARGE - Live at City Garden New Jersey LP (Clear vinyl)

SGD 32.00

Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! CLEAR VINYL Official Discharge reissue of this legendary live release from the band’s golden days, originally released on Clay Records in 1989. A slab of pure rawness that captures these UK Punk icons in an intense, ultra-powerful performance during their legendary 2nd US tour in autumn 1983. These recordings were taped on the sound desk on the night of the concert and although they may lack the technology of full studio recordings they nevertheless capture the live excitement of a Discharge gig. SIDE A 1.Warning 2.Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 3.The Nightmare Continues 4.Where There Is A Will 5.Never Again 6.Anger Burning 7.The Blood Runs Red 8.Born To Die In The Gutter 9.Protest And Survive SIDE B 10.In Defence Of Our Future 11.State Violence State Control 12.The Price Of Silence 13.The More I See 14.De-Control 15.Anger Burning (Encore) 16.The Blood Runs Red (Encore)

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