DRAKE  FUTURE - What A Time To Believe LP
DRAKE  FUTURE - What A Time To Believe LP

DRAKE / FUTURE - What A Time To Believe LP

SGD 45.00

Label: Republic When you get around Future, it’s a vortex,” said Drake of his Altanta-based collaborator (real name Nayvadius Cash) on this uneven, but ultimately thrilling, 11-track mixtape. At first, the imbalance in their contributions (Drake supplies no more than a third of the verbals) suggests it’s the mild-mannered Toronto megastar who’s been sucked in. But in the end, Future’s eerily Auto-Tuned sing-song vocal style, suspended somewhere between Lil Wayne’s salacious croak and the spiritual suspended animation of a Gregorian chant, seems to energise him, so by the superb, closing 30 for 30 Freestyle, Drake is sounding as dynamic and engaged as at any time since 2009’s stellar So Far Gone. A surprise mixtape that went from announcement to the top of the Billboard charts within a matter of a few weeks, What a Time to Be Alive is also a worthy hang session from MCs Drake and Future, one that feels instant, spontaneous, and just messy enough to keep off the top shelf. What a Time to Be Alive, indeed.

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