ELLIOTT - False Cathedrals LP Colour Vinyl

ELLIOTT - False Cathedrals LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 39.00

False Cathedrals is a dark sprawling album that guides its listeners on a journey; A journey that remains consistent with its claustrophobic and melancholic tone, but varied enough in its delivery so that the sound never stales. The hauntingly beautiful aesthetic of the album artwork is perfectly captured in the band’s familiar yet off kilter style. While the overall sound offers an obviously indie/emo rock base, the band are able to craft an experience that feels fresh through its specific brand of isolation and dissonance. This album is an immensely satisfying mood piece with plenty of dissonant and multi layered moments that constantly pull you in to its aggressively melancholic and cold embrace. What a fascinating structure of images and emotions False Cathedrals is able to create, and what a cathartic experience Elliott was able to deliver. This album may project the aesthetic of a dark and brooding ghost town but don't let that fool you. False Cathedrals is filled to the brim with exciting and emotionally poignant moments that make it feel painfully alive.

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