EMERY - White Line Fever LP White Vinyl

EMERY - White Line Fever LP (White Vinyl)

SGD 34.00

After nearly twenty years as a band, Emery have navigated their way through post-hardcore, metalcore, and melodic hardcore with ease throughout their years together. With ‘White Line Fever’, the quintet’s eighth full-length record, the group explore alternative rock as they undergo another stylistic departure. White Line Fever is undeniably the most “adult contemporary” Emery release so far – it’s generally softer, more melodic, rife with plenty of piano. It’s a good mix of old Emery and some of their more recent albums, and they certainly tread new ground on songs like “Make Yourself Sick” and “Sad Season”. Things never feel forced nor convoluted, and the album ultimately feels cohesive. Stylistically, the greater use of piano really pays off – and it’d be cool to hear a full EP of these stripped-back type ballads we see here. Indeed, this is definitely a unique release for the Emery catalog. They don’t deny any of their roots, but they’ve certainly grafted in a few new branches. If you’re a fan of the lighter, melodic side of Emery and don’t mind largely passing on screaming and breakdowns, this is the album for you.

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