FOUR YEAR STRONG - Brain Pain LP Colour Vinyl

FOUR YEAR STRONG - Brain Pain LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

The so called fathers of ‘easycore’, FOUR YEAR STRONG have earned their reputation as one of the most consistent and familiar bands in the pop punk and metalcore scenes thanks to their well formed sound and lively, wonderfully fun live shows. Having always had a sound that fused the riff lead hardcore of bands like AGNOSTIC FRONT and HATEBREED with the pop punk of BLINK 182 and NEW FOUND GLORY into an aggressively positive noise, FOUR YEAR STRONG haven’t so much evolved as they have streamlined and honed. There are few bands that embody the hardcore vibe as well as the sheer silly fun of genres like pop punk quite like FOUR YEAR STRONG, and on Brain Pain they’ve taken the chance to tighten the bolts even further and come out swinging even harder. For the few missteps they made during the 2010s, this record is a fantastic way for the band to kick start this new decade, and it adds even more ammunition for the band to add to their already exceptional live performances. This is everything you would want from a FOUR YEAR STRONG record, and it is 100% worth your time.

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