G.B.H. - Dover Showplace 1983 LP Red Vinyl

G.B.H. - Dover Showplace 1983 LP (Red Vinyl)

SGD 32.00

A rare, never before released live recording from UK punk legends GBH's 1983 'City Baby's Revenge' US tour - released on coloured vinyl. Energy packed performance captures the band at the peak of their powers ripping through live versions of their classics 'Catch 23,' 'City Baby Attacked By Rats,' 'Give Me Fire' and more plus 2 rare demos for their 'City Baby's Revenge' album! ALBUM TRACKS: 1. Necrophilia 2. Hellhole 3. I Am the Hunted 4. Generals 5. Catch 23 6. Give Me Fire 7. Slut 8. Freak 9. City Baby Attacked By Rats 10. City Baby's Revenge 11. Race Against Time 12. I Feel Alright 13. Drugs Party in 526 (Demo) 14. Vietnamese Blues (Demo)

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