GET UP KIDS, THE - Red Letter Day 10

GET UP KIDS, THE - Red Letter Day 10"

SGD 32.00

The Get Up Kids have a lot to answer for… The Missouri pop-rockers are often credited with spawning the ‘emo’ generation (Pete Wentz has gone on record saying that “without The Get Up Kids there would be no Fall Out Boy”) and in the eyes of many this would be a damning accusation. After all, who would want to be even partly responsible for atrocities such as the plague of ***ty ‘pop-punk’ bands at the turn of the century? Accidental influencing aside, however, there is little argument to be found with TGUK themselves. Their formula of effervescent power chords, honest lyrics, and yearning vocals, may have been imitated by a thousand ‘different’ bands, but rarely has it been done as well as the original. This is none more evident than on ‘Red Letter Day’. The EP capture the excitement of youth and of one of the most influential bands in modern pop-punk and ‘emo’ finding their feet and refining a sound that would inadvertently launch an unfortunate sub-culture.

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