GHOST - Popestar 12EP

GHOST - Popestar 12"EP

SGD 30.00

GHOST are already a pretty established act as it is, and last year’s triumphant Meliora cemented the group as one of the futures massive acts. Refusing to stay static, the Swedish Ghouls have done another selection of top-notch covers and even thrown in one of the best originals they’ve written for good measure. Popestar opens on Square Hammer and immediately the idea of GHOST in front of an arena sized crowd pops into mind. The track begs for a mob of rabid fans to be screaming the words right back at them as the pounding drums and epic guitar lead breaks into arguably the biggest chorus GHOST have penned. A legitimate anthem and one that alludes to some exciting prospects for the next full length. Popestar works as a great a stepping-stone before the band moves onto a more full-time commitment. It is a fantastic insight into where the band are moving creatively. By this point in their career, it’s fair to question whether GHOST even know what a bad album is.

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