GLEEMER - Down Through LP Colour Vinyl

GLEEMER - Down Through LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

In these times of isolation and constant solitude, introspection can help us expose the hidden dualities of feeling: meditation and melancholy, determination and despair, anxiety and anger. On their newest LP, the slow-burning Down Through, Colorado outfit Gleemer set out to give voice to their inner self. Where the group’s previous record, 2017’s Anymore, wrestled with the familiar struggles of post-hardcore and Midwestern emo through equal parts fuzz and distortion, Down Through finds Gleemer not so much changing approach as yearning for clarity of purpose. Each entry on the nine-track album builds methodically to lofty crescendos with driving riffs and gentle rhythms, refracting their sound through the delicate prism of indie-rock, shoegaze, and shimmering dream pop. With glossy production from acclaimed engineer and collaborator Will Yip, it’s hard not to find similarities between Down Through and other records from Gleemer’s contemporaries like Turnover and Citizen.

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