GODFLESH - Streetcleaner LP

SGD 42.00

Label: Earache Sonically vicious and now legendary, “Streetcleaner” is the most powerful release of Napalm Death alumnus Justin Brodadrick’s pioneering industrial Godflesh project. Despite it’s heavy use on technology of the time, this vicious album of brain-melting guitar squalls and programmed percussion still sounds surprisingly potent 30+ years later. More accessible than early Swans but more metallic than Steve Albini’s Big Black, Godflesh carves its own spiteful scar in the ears of adventurous metal fans with stinging guitar loops and bludgeoning repetition in “Mighty Trust Krusher”, Broadrick’s booming, studio-enhanced yowls straddling the line between ominous and cliched (by today's standards). “Pulp” is a real progression – the marching, crunching loop one of the earliest examples of truly metallic-sounding industrial rock, a style that would be copied by scores of bands in the coming years. “Locust Furnace” is a mighty Swans-style headache, the subdued guitar lines adding an edge that makes repeat listens a combination of headbanging joy and morbid curiosity. There's a wicked variety of guitar tones presented across the album, likely the result of endless tinkering with amps, pedals and guitars, from the steamy rising ambience of "Life is Easy" to the machine-like squeals of "Devastator/Mighty Trust Krusher", the album is a bevy of inspiring guitar experimentation. Fan as we are of an actual human being sitting behind the drum kit, kicking up sweat and beating the kit into a greasy pulp, “Streetcleaner” is the type of album that forces us to re-examine our standards. The frightening choruses are oddly hooky, despite the ear-scrubbing abrasiveness of the presentation. Delightfully twisted and crushing, “Streetcleaner” is regarded as a classic for a reason.

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