HATCHIE - Sugar & Spice 12EP Colour Vinyl
HATCHIE - Sugar & Spice 12EP Colour Vinyl

HATCHIE - Sugar & Spice 12"EP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 34.00

24-year-old Brisbaner Harriette Pilbeam has been described as something of a modest “runaway success” since the release of debut track ‘Try’ in May last year. The swirling pop number began circulating almost immediately on Triple J Radio in her native Australia - and now, nearly a year later, Hatchie’s first full EP ‘Sugar & Spice’ is signposting her way to the international stage. ‘Sugar & Spice’ cements her as the modern day successor to dream pop titans Cocteau Twins from the get-go. Robin Guthrie had already blessed her with a remix of ‘Try’ in 2017, but his influence shines through even more with the opening bars of ‘Sure’, as shimmering guitars wash through in layers. ‘Sleep’ is a climactic follow-up built around shuffling beats and heroic choruses, with a smoky hook that recalls Depeche Mode’s ‘80’s classic ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. Later, the title track’s shoegazey guitars closely mimic the iconic, ethereal sound of My Bloody Valentine. With a finessed production tying everything together, the end result is pretty ecstatic.

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