HEAVEN IN HER ARMS - Duplex-Coated Obstruction 10

HEAVEN IN HER ARMS - Duplex-Coated Obstruction 10"

SGD 44.00

Label: Denovali Records FOR THE FIRST TIME ON VINYL: Duplex Coated Obstruction (released in 2009) was the follow up record of HEAVEN IN HER ARMS debut album "Erosion of the Black Speckle". It includes 4 songs with a total playing time of around 29 minutes. Heaven In Her Arms' sound on this record is more melodic than on the 2nd full length "Paraselene" - but even with this a little bit different approach they're able to create that dense epic mood which you can find on every record of this band. The band hailing from Tokyo, Japan plays extremely convincing and intense live shows, and simply know how to play their instruments and how to write complex songs. All fans of sophisticated experimental hardcore should be all ears.

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