HINDS - I Dont Run LP
HINDS - I Dont Run LP

HINDS - I Don't Run LP

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Label: Mom + Pop Co-produced by Hinds, I Don't Run shows us a band fighting for their place, a band unwilling to rely upon their successes, a band who have just begun to prove themselves, and a band who plays hard but works even harder. With this second LP, they continue their quest to own their narrative – one of sisters doing it for themselves. “We loved making this album,” says guitarist and vocalist Ana Perrote. “We knew what we wanted and we have what we wanted. This is a new start for us and we're fucking ready." Leave Me Alone was an album of party anthems drenched in metaphors. With Hinds’ forthcoming sophomore record I Don’t Run, it’s time to cut straight to the chase. Some might expect them to write songs about being happy, young and carefree – “but we're not satisfied with that,” explains guitarist and vocalist Ana Perrote. “On this album the struggles are clear. We want to be brave.” I Don’t Run is Hinds’ return with an honest reflection on a period that changed their lives beyond their wildest imaginations.

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