IMPIETY -  Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP
IMPIETY -  Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP Red with Black Splatter vinyl

IMPIETY - Vengeance Hell Immemorial LP (Red with Black Splatter vinyl)

SGD 42.00

Label: Hells Headbangers Comes in a gatefold jacket with UV spot gloss and with a large 18x24 poster. Pressed on Red Vinyl with splatter On the 20th anniversary of their first EP release, Singahell blasphemers IMPIETY blast you to the past with the Vengeance Hell Immemorial compilation! A special gatefold vinyl edition courtesy of new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS, the aptly titled Vengeance Hell Immemorial collects 15 tracks from IMPIETY's cultest, most sought-after releases: 1993's Salve the Goat...Iblis Exelsi EP, 1992's Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration demo, 2004's split EP with Surrender of Divinity, and then lastly 2008's split EP with Abhorrence. From their ultra-raw bestial beginnings on through to their fierce 'n' finessed present, hear the whole spectrum of IMPIETY's cruel savagery and merciless battery across Vengeance Hell Immemorial - the past is alive! TRACK BREAKDOWN: 1-2: Salve the Goat...Iblis Exelsi EP 1993 3-8: Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration demo 1992 9-12: Split w/ Surrender of Divinity 2004 14-15: Split w/ Abhorrence 2008

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