INTO IT. OVER IT. - Intersections LP Colour Vinyl

INTO IT. OVER IT. - Intersections LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Intersections, prolific emo rocker Evan Weiss creates a more open, welcoming world with the assistance of Brian Deck’s production. The songs here anticipate relationships headed towards a bitter frost rather than springing into torrid passion. In between the million other things he has accomplished these past two years, Evan Weiss somehow managed to record an album full of moody, heartfelt tracks perfect for the fall. On Intersections, Weiss returns to the roots of Into It. Over It.’s original recordings while also exploring new directions in his music, achieving two goals where artists normally strive for one. The fact that Weiss is capable of consistently delivering both quantity and quality is a true testament to his pure astounding talent as a musician.

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