JETS TO BRAZIL -  Orange Rhyming Dictionary 2xLP (180gram Vinyl)

JETS TO BRAZIL - Orange Rhyming Dictionary 2xLP (180gram Vinyl)

SGD 48.00

After the demise of seminal 90’s punk trio Jawbreaker, lead singer Blake Schwarzenbach formed new band Jets To Brazil not too long after. With leaving on what some consider the perfect note with the 1995 album ‘Dear You’, Jets To Brazil were, naturally, hyped up. And before getting into details, they lived up to it, at least with their debut album ‘Orange Rhyming Dictionary’ (a play on how no word rhymes with orange in English). With former Texas Is The Reason drummer Chris Daly and bassist Jeremy Chatelain formerly of Helmet, completed with Blake’s signature voice and personal lyrics, it’s as though the breakup of Jawbreaker wasn’t all that bad, or at least a better way of taking it. Jets’ debut is up there with some of the band members’ most excellent work. Full of many moods and styles, honest and thought-provoking lyrics, and a select group of some of the best songs you’ll come across. ‘Orange Rhyming Dictionary’ could be enjoyed by not only fans of the member’s past work, but anyone who enjoys honest, abstract lyrics to relate to, and some great music to go with it.

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