JIMMY EAT WORLD - Stay On My Side Tonight 12EP

JIMMY EAT WORLD - Stay On My Side Tonight 12"EP

SGD 36.00

Stay On My Side Tonight is a five-track EP originally released by Emo darlings Jimmy Eat World through downloads on September 13, 2005 and physically released on October 4, 2005. It consists of 3 unreleased songs(at the time of release), a cover of the Heatmiser song "Half Right", and a remix of the Futures track "Drugs or Me". The title of the album is taken from a line in the song "Disintegration", the EP's opening track. The song features uncharacteristically negative lyrics, and harmonized vocals during the chorus. At 7:44, it is the band's second longest song, the first being "Goodbye Sky Harbor", the closing track on Clarity (16:15).

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