JULIA JACKLIN - Crushing LP Green Vinyl
JULIA JACKLIN - Crushing LP Green Vinyl

JULIA JACKLIN - Crushing LP (Green Vinyl)

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Label: Polyvinyl Records The second full-length album from Australian singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin, Crushing embodies every possible meaning of its title word. It’s an album formed from sheer intensity of feeling, an in-the-moment narrative of heartbreak and infatuation. And with her storytelling centered on bodies and crossed boundaries and smothering closeness, Crushing reveals how our physical experience of the world shapes and sometimes distorts our inner lives. The follow-up to her 2016 debut Don’t Let the Kids Win, Crushing finds Jacklin continually acknowledging what’s expected of her, then gracefully rejecting those expectations. Produced by Burke Reid (Courtney Barnett, The Drones) and recorded at The Grove Studios (a bushland hideaway built by INXS’ Garry Gary Beers), Crushing sets Jacklin’s understated defiance against a raw yet luminous sonic backdrop. "The Australian singer-songwriter has a knack for packing an emotional punch with her deceptively fragile sound." - NPR "Jacklin’s poetic lyrics are comprised of anecdotal scenes brimming with childhood memories, earnest observations, deeply-felt stories, and powerful subtext; listening to them, it is clear that she is in command of her voice and has something meaningful to say with it." - Couturesque Mag

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