JUNE PAIK - S/T (2006) LP

SGD 30.00

“This is one awesome masterpiece of music. Five boys from Donauwörth, Germany who have been doing this stuff for quite some time now (their first 7" is already three years old) and this full length has been anticipated heavily by a lot of people. It doesn't really say much for my speed of reviewing that this record has been out since April and I’m posting the review now. well, don't let that distract you. this record is seriously awesome six songs, four of them over five minutes (two of them longer than eight minutes) make this record. The songs are always changing between long atmospheric bass-and-guitar passages and very tight chaotic thrashing with very skramz vocals. A 37 minutes tour-de-force that flows very well, filled with little hooks you'll keep in mind. It's hard for me to put into words how really great this record is and why I just keep putting it on the record player, just take my word: this is the screamo record of the year. Period.” - Watching You Sleep Zine (2006)

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