KID DYNAMITE - S/T LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 46.00

Kid Dynamite’s 1998 debut album contains the ingredients for an excellent punk record: energetic and harsh vocals, inspiring lyrics, overall fast, tight instruments, attitude and speed, raw sound with just the accurate amount of melody. And most importantly, done right. The highly influential Philadelphia based group comprised of Lifetime guitarist Dan Yemin lasted only a few years but their only two full length albums and split with 88 Fingers Louie are some of the finest punk albums of recent times. The quartet’s self-titled record, released on Jade Tree, is crammed with nineteen punk rock/melodic hardcore anthems performed by a great and exciting band in their (unfortunately too short) prime. Kid Dynamite’s self-titled, simply put, is a superb punk album made from some significant past and future alumni in the melodic hardcore scene. Fans of Lifetime should enjoy this, as well any fan of punk or hardcore if you like Jason’s gravelly vocals. An essential and influential album within the genre that never seems to get tiresome.

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