LA DISPUTE - Tiny Dots LP Clear Vinyl

LA DISPUTE - Tiny Dots LP (Clear Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

Label: Better Living This LP features audio from La Dispute's "Tiny Dots" DVD. It includes six selections from the "Tiny Dots" original score plus six songs recorded live when they played at All Saints Church back in 2014. La Dispute are more than just musicians, they are artists in the truest sense of the word. ‘Tiny Dots’, a film recorded in 2014 and directed by Niall Coffey showcases everything that is unique about them. It is a documentary film which allows the fan of La Dispute to journey with them through the trials and tribulations of producing and recording their third album ‘Rooms Of The House’, including the changing line-up and dealing with fame whilst ensuring they wrote music that was both poignant and meaningful. They don’t and never have written music that sits as background noise. They are a remarkable experiment of sound, vision and lyrical maturity, and despite Jordan’s unwillingness to self-categorise, he is one of modern music’s greatest writers.

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