LAGWAGON - Trashed Reissue 2xLP

LAGWAGON - Trashed: Reissue 2xLP

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Label: Fat Wreck Chords Lagwagon were the first band signed to Fat Wreck Chords, and along with founder Fat Mike's NOFX as well as No Use for a Name and Propaghandi, Lagwagon had a major hand in shaping the sonic aesthetics of the label early on. Arguably, Lagwagon were better at what NOFX did than NOFX was themselves— they were faster, played their instruments more proficiently, and had better singing and more well—crafted lyrics. On Trashed, Lagwagon honed their pop chops. While Duh was primarily minor key angry stuff, here we get some killer hooks in songs that remain live staples to this day. They took their melodic prowess to its apex on their third album Hoss, but many prefer this album for its balance of melody and riffage. The remastered tracks, as you might expect, all sound great; crisp and clean with punchier guitars and full sounds emanating from the rhythm section. In short, the way that they were intended to be heard. Includes 17 outtakes, acoustic, and demo tracks that have never before been released.

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