MARDUK - Those Of The Unlight LP

MARDUK - Those Of The Unlight LP (Grey/Red Swirl vinyl)

SGD 39.00

Label: Osmose Production It's Marduk one of the best black metal bands out there every of their albums is an instant classic. Marduk play raw, brutal, fast, grim, necro black metal from Sweden. Marduk are unholy and they are one of the most satanic bands out there. This album is pretty much fast and brutal throughout except for certain parts take a slightly atmospheric break, but it never stays soft for very long. Track 7 is an instrumental track that starts out with an epic keyboard intro and great atmospheric sounds it is great. Similar to Burzum or Darkthrone, a mix of fast and slow songs which creates an incredibly horrific atmosphere. Best track - Wolves. Not as fast as their latter releases (Panzer Division, Heaven shall burn etc.), but definitely their sickest! If you call yourself a black metal fan you should already own this, but if you don't GET IT NOW!

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