MOM JEANS - Puppy Love LP Orange Vinyl
MOM JEANS - Puppy Love LP Orange Vinyl

MOM JEANS - Puppy Love LP (Orange Vinyl)

SGD 42.00

Label: Big Scary Monsters The California-based emo band Mom Jeans. are back at it again with the album Puppy Love. With their previous debut LP Best Buds released in 2016 still holding strong, and countless cross-country tours, the expectation for the band to deliver a bigger sound on this new record was high. Best Buds was one of the most amazing breakup albums that came out in 2016, and of this generation of emo in general. Overall, Puppy Love comes off as the more aggressive brother to Best Buds. The same break-up type themes that carry from Best Buds are reincarnated to create more a group-themed narrative. The album’s small details and hints about depression and anxiety aid to create a platform for fans to relate. It’s one of the things that makes Puppy Love such a unique album. It acknowledges so many contemporary issues such as mental health and love in a way that singles out some instances or events that are a daily struggle for some fans. Puppy Love will be a continuous repeat and a standing ground for the new Mom Jean’s sound.

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