NERD MAGNET - Dear My Invisible Friend LP+7

NERD MAGNET - Dear My Invisible Friend LP+7"

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Label: Thistime Records Nerd Magnet are known as the "Japanese WEEZER" and they are clearly aware of it. Their latest full length pays homage to the likeness and combination of BLINK-182, JIMMY EAT WORLD, and NIRVANA. Featuring a cover from UK's BLACK KIDS - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You. Nerd Magnet continues to expand the world of power pop with these 13 infectious songs, and really know how to bring its full potential to their listeners. With words and melody that spills all the loneliness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, and conflicts in life transpiring from being unnoticed or invisible, the songs illuminates the significance of being yourself and realizing the youthfulness in life.

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