OWEN  RUTABEGA, THE - Split 12EP 180g
OWEN  RUTABEGA, THE - Split 12EP 180g

OWEN / RUTABEGA, THE - Split 12"EP (180g)

SGD 32.00

Owen is the solo project of Chicago's Mike Kinsella. As a departure from over a decade of work playing in a variety of bands – Cap'n Jazz, American Football, Owls and Their / They're / There to name a few – Owen became Kinsella's way of finally exercising complete creative control over all aspects of a project, including songwriting, recording, and overall artistic direction. Indiana’s Joshua Wayne Hensley has been writing, recording, and birthing hopeful sad-bastard songs under The Rutabega moniker since early 2002. In 2011 Joshua joined forces with Garth Mason, and The Rutabega evolved into a bona fide Carp Rock power-duo. Features three songs from South Bend, Indiana's The Rutabega (aka Josh Hensley) and three songs from Owen (aka Mike Kinsella). Includes Mike performing a solo version of "Never Meant" from his American Football days. Originally released on Backroads Records, the split was repressed by Polyvinyl after it had fallen out of print for almost a year.

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