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Document #5 is an absolutely phenomenal album, consisting of 10 short furious bursts of punk adrenaline, within the screamo genre it’s a definite classic. The band hail from Sterling, VA and comprise of an ever-changing line up, usually this was eight members, they are also renown for a furious live show during their five-year existence. Document #5, released in the wake of the new millennium was the band’s first full length and to many fans, is their best release. Like a cross between Saetia and the Dillinger Escape Plan, with even a bit of power violence in there. At well under 25 minutes the album barely stops to breathe, unlike Saetia there is little in the way of a melodic element, focuses almost solely on a ferocious punk tempo. When an album can be this fluent and flow consistently from one track to the next without losing a drop of intensity, you know you have a complete winner. There are no other documents you’d rather examine than the ones pg. 99 has to offer.

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