PINEGROVE - Marigold LP Yellow Vinyl
PINEGROVE - Marigold LP Yellow Vinyl

PINEGROVE - Marigold LP (Yellow Vinyl)

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Label: Rough Trade Over the course of three albums, the band, led by the introspective and verbose Evan Stephens Hall, have constructed a sound pulling on a range of alt-country, indie and emo, sitting somewhere between the aching sensation of Cap ‘n’ Jazz and the twee vulnerability of Frankie Cosmos. While Hall has described the “heart-first” approach to their fourth record, Marigold, that very phrase could plausibly have been used for any of their previous three, each an iteration on the last rather than a total recalibration. This is undoubtedly Pinegrove’s best record yet, and isn’t without its learnings for those that decide to spend some time with it. The band, and Hall, manage to retain their contemplative and overtly confessional style, and deliver something intensely moving and beautifully constructed. There is baggage to Marigold, and for some it might prove a step too far. For those who feel otherwise inclined, there is much here to cherish.

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