ROYAL HEADACHE - Royal Headache LP
ROYAL HEADACHE - Royal Headache LP Beer Yellow vinyl

ROYAL HEADACHE - Royal Headache LP (Beer Yellow vinyl)

SGD 43.00

Label: What's Your Rupture At last a fresh pressing of the debut Royal Headache album. Royal Headache sounds like Mission of Burma, the Replacements, Jay Reatard, the Thermals and the Buzzcocks all rolled in to one fun band - highly recommended! People have dubbed Royal Headache 'motown inspired garage' or even 'rock 'n' soul,' but fear not this isn't your blatant '60s revivalism or festival friendly gimmick rock. Royal Headache is a punk band! a very good punk band at that, with an actual singer and the ability to write timeless pop songs. In an era where we're bombarded by one dimensional summertime pop, ironic or clever made up electro-cross-genres and disenfranchised too-hip-for-the-audience wayfarer rock, a band that communicates real human emotion like Royal Headache does is essential. Look no further than this, their self-titled full-length LP which was recorded by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

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