RUN FOREVER - ST LP Colour Vinyl

RUN FOREVER - S/T LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 34.00

Pittsburgh emo-tinged indie rockers Run Forever asked HUM’s Matt Talbott and Kyle Gilbride (who previously worked with Waxahatchee) to produce. When listening to Run Forever, you may feel that you’ve been cut from the shackles of tedium. As there are songs for everyone on this self-titled release, blooming under the spotlight of nostalgia. You could also play the album on repeat through the stereo in your busted car and sing along to what’s transferring through your ears. And the album surprises with its elegance. It covers different musical aspects and it never loses that vital beat. There’s also a Nirvana influence here, with the haunting style vocals and crafty guitar style. Kurt Cobain would be intrigued, and the worshippers of the defunct grunge champions could give this record a shot. As this music is for the lyric lovers and all round punks. Punks with flaws and desires, people that get the music instead of fearing it or avoiding it because it doesn’t fit their scene. This kind of music should be loved and adored. Run Forever are a band to check out.

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