SACRILEGE - Ambulance Station Squat, London + 1st & 2nd Demos LP

SGD 35.00

Label: Unrest Fully authorized Demos & Live assault from legends of UK punk/metal Sacrilege licensed by founding members Damian Thompson and Lynda ‘Tam’ Simpson. Contains the first two ’84 and ’85 Sacrilege demos alongside a remarkable unreleased live set from the eminent Ambulance Station Squat on Old Kent Road in London, 1985. All material featured was taken from source tapes and meticulously restored to modern brilliance by dominant Swedish kångpunk master Mattias “Kenko” Kennhed of Dischange, Meanwhile and No Security notoriety at the Communichaos Clay Station Studio in Sweden. Sacrilege is soon to be featured in a 7pg. “Hall of Fame” article by US based Decibel Magazine, and rightfully fucking so!! Ripping new reaper artwork knotted and stippled by the highly skilled illustrator Sean Fitzgerald, in seamless Sacrilege style. Sacrilege is today recognized as an important band; both as an influence on later heavy/doom metal bands as well as prototype to the later hardcore-crust scene. DEMOS A1. Apartheid A2. Blind Acceptance A3. Bloodlust A4. Dig Your Own Grave A5. Stark Reality A6. A Violation Of Something Sacred A7. Bloodrun A8. Out Of Sight LIVE B1. Blind Acceptance B2. Blinding Panic B3. Dig Your Own Grave B4. Out Of Sight B5. Apartheid B6. Stark Reality B7. A Violation Of Something Sacred B8. Bloodrun

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