SEAHAVEN - Halo Of Hurt LP Colour Vinyl

SEAHAVEN - Halo Of Hurt LP (Colour Vinyl)

SGD 38.00

Label: Pure Noise Entertainment This is the indie store exclusive version on milky clear with black smoke colored vinyl. Seahaven, a pop-punk/emo/indie-rock outfit from Torrance, California renowned for trying new things, went quiet for over half of a decade. Live shows were sparse while their tweets were both rare and cryptic. Somewhere along the way, they scrapped an entire album’s worth of demos. Finally, after six years and without much fanfare, they’ve come out of nowhere to drop a dark and brooding magnum opus which marks a huge evolution from their previous works. While Halo of Hurt might not go toe-to-toe with their previous releases on an objective platform, it is Seahaven’s very own version of that critical maturation: a crowning achievement and their most haunting, complex composition yet. Halo of Hurt is tense and sprawling; destructive and violent in nature. It’s not their most immediate work, but it is elaborately composed, densely layered, and highly unpredictable. Seahaven created their very own magnum opus with this release – call it their classic – but whatever Halo of Hurt is, it’s frighteningly good.

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