SEN MORIMOTO - Cannonball LP
SEN MORIMOTO - Cannonball LP

SEN MORIMOTO - Cannonball! LP

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Label: Sooper Born in Kyoto, Japan and growing up in Western Massachusetts, Morimoto has been studying jazz saxophone since his earliest days. When he brought his talents to Chicago, he began producing for the likes of Joseph Chilliams, KAINA, and Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. Now, he’s blending his multi-instrumental jazz background with his hip-hop production skills for his debut album, Cannonball! Completely produced, engineered, mixed, and performed by Morimoto himself, the distinctive work of an artist bringing his idiosyncratic vision to life. The nine-track effort introduces listeners to his soft style of rapping as he lays down complex, shifting rhythms. While tracks like “This Is Not” and the Reason Being-featuring “Picture of a Painting” come closest to feeling like something we’re familiar with from Chi-Town beat makers, things like the title track and “How It Feels” give the impression heavy and obscure jazz samples — but it’s all Morimoto. He can get opium hazy, psychedelic and contemplative, and all of it intrigues like the next big Chicago sound should.

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