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The Pikul EP is Silversun Pickups’ first recording endeavor, forming as a group of friends who shared a common interest in music and began playing live shows immediately. Aubert found his first experiences as a frontman when the band played their first live shows. The band says their first live shows went terribly and they played terribly, not sure how they could work as a band. Slowly, they wrote songs that soon gained a small fan following and out of those songs; they made fan favorites which later became polished versions on the Pikul EP. The EP is the band’s first real recording experience, only ever playing live. Their music is a clear mesh of the musician’s different tastes, drawing from indie pop, grunge, and even some acoustical music, although for the most part the guitar stays electric. Although the EP is only 6 tracks in length, the band delivers over a half hour of laid-back, relaxing music. All in all, Silversun Pickups create relaxing indie music with a strange blend of grunge like distortion, giving them an original sound.

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